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Reduction of carbon footprint

Since 2014, CONDE FERNANDEZ HERMANOS has been making efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. In this regard, in the period 2017-2018, it has managed to offset more than 556 tonnes of CO2 and reduce its emissions by 16%.

To achieve this reduction and obtain greater efficiency, the company acts, above all, on two variables:

  • Reducing empty journeys. The fact of reducing the number of kilometres between the unloading point and the loading point of the next freight is very relevant in the calculation.
  • Gradual renewal of the fleet, incorporating more efficient trucks with lower energy consumption.

For Spain as a whole, however, it is estimated that emissions of polluting gases from road transport have increased by 1.6% in the last year, which is far from the trend in the rest of Europe.

The European Parliament is therefore announcing preventive action at European level. It is estimated that the use of lorries and other goods transport vehicles will increase by 60% by 2050 in the European Union.