Instalaciones logística | Conde Fernández Hermanos

8000 m2 to reinforce its position as a logistics operator

CONDE FERNANDEZ HERMANOS has acquired a new warehousing platform in the Espiritu Santo industrial estate in Cambre to supply products to its customers. The warehouse, which is located on a 13,000 square metre plot of land – 8,000 of which are built – will contribute to strengthening its logistics. It is expected to be 100% operational before the end of 2021, although one third of the facilities are already fully operational.

The new facilities will be organised by sectors according to the type of product to be stored, and reinforce the company’s network of logistics centres in the northwest of the peninsula.

The expansion of storage space was a pending project and a necessity for the company, and will allow for improved storage capacity and significant cost savings. It also means responding, in the short term, to the growing demand for logistics activity from its customers, especially the food industry.


The company’s current network of warehouses, all located within a radius of 20 kilometres, allows it to respond quickly and efficiently to customer demands. The warehouses and indoor storage areas are:

  • Polígono Industrial Espíritu Santo (Cambre): 3500 square metres, in warehouses 10 metres high. With flat surfaces and also with areas for shelving.
  • Polígono Industrial Espíritu Santo (Sada): 8000 square metres, in a 10-metre high warehouse. With flat surfaces and also with areas for shelving.
  • Polígono Industrial de Bergondo: 1500 square metres, in two 10-metre high warehouses. Flat surfaces.
  • Polígono Industrial Arcoiris (Sada): 1000 square metres, in warehouses with a height of 6 metres. Flat surfaces.
  • Polígono Industrial de Piadela (Betanzos): 1000 square metres, in a 10-metre high building. With flat surfaces and also with areas for shelving.
  • C.L.T. de Ledoño (Culleredo): 4000 square metres, in a warehouse with a height of 13 metres. Flat surfaces.