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The 7 keys to success for land transport by road

Road freight transport is a well-established sector, directly employing more than 10 million people and representing 5% of the GDP of the entire European Union.

It is the mode chosen by the vast majority of companies to move goods in Europe, far ahead of transport by sea or air.

Of course, after the advent of COVID, Spain recorded negative figures as a result of the fall in industrial activity. Specifically, there was a drop of 11%, according to studies carried out by DBK Informa Observatorio Sectorial.

However, the figures are beginning to improve in the commercial distribution sector, thanks, among other things, to the dynamism of e-commerce, which has seen an increase in demand.

Advantages of road transport

Like everything else, any type of transport has its pros and cons. The advantages and disadvantages depend largely on the specific logistics and distribution needs of each company. However, in this article we will try to shed some light on the advantages and keys to road transport.

What are the key factors that make road transport of goods the best option to boost your business?

It is the most used means of transport

The most popular method of transport worldwide is road transport, largely due to an extensive network of national and international roads. In addition, the fact that some places do not have a seaport, air port or railway station also favours the supremacy of road transport.

Lower economic cost

It is the cheapest means of transport, partly because road transport vehicles do not require as high an outlay as other means of transport.

In this case, moreover, infrastructures such as airports, ports or stations are not required to operate, but rather public infrastructures are used, to whose growth and maintenance there is no direct contribution, although there is an indirect contribution through the payment of taxes.

Speed and flexibility

Its capacity to adapt to timetables and volumes makes it perfect for meeting the needs of all types of customers, whether in terms of deadlines or quantity of packages, in the latter case being able to contract groupage transport.

In the case of short and medium distance transport, road is undoubtedly the fastest option. With just one person and one vehicle, goods can reach their destination in just a few hours, without depending on pre-established routes. Nor does it matter whether it is a public holiday or a special date. Thus, there is always plenty of room for negotiation in terms of both timetables and prices.

Furthermore, unlike air transport, road transport allows all types of products to be moved under optimum safety conditions, offering a great capacity for response and adaptability to the needs of the client.

Direct shipment

The possibility of loading goods at the door of the company that wants to make the shipment and have them arrive at the destination company’s warehouse is a differential value that other types of transport cannot compete with.

In this case, it is not necessary to combine with other means of transport, and the transport is carried out directly from the origin to the destination.

Tracking and tracing

The implementation of new technological tools associated with transport and logistics and GPS tracking, among other things, facilitates the traceability of the goods throughout the entire journey and makes it possible to offer a better service to customers and increase competitiveness.

This is an advantage for the customer, who, by having his shipments located at all times, can track them to check if everything is going well or if, on the contrary, there are any delays. Instant knowledge of the status of shipments offers greater room for manoeuvre when making decisions.

Enables the transport of dangerous goods

Unlike other means of transport such as air transport, which prohibits the transport of special or dangerous goods, road transport has no limitations. Trucks can ship anything from small packages or heavy machinery to flammable or toxic products.

Simple paperwork

The paperwork involved in road transport is much simpler than in air or sea transport. The time spent at customs or on delivery of the goods is much less, speeding up the supply chain of the business in question.

Challenges for successful land transport

Despite the figures mentioned at the beginning of the article, which demonstrate the relevance of the transport industry for the Spanish economic fabric, there are several challenges that the sector faces and with which the companies that make it up currently have to deal with.

Thanks to Webfleet Solutions, a fleet management and vehicle tracking system, which interviewed 1,200 transport fleet managers from all over Europe, we were able to gain access to the 4 key elements to be taken into account so that companies can carry out their tasks competitively and adapt to the new economic environment.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Increasing productivity
  • Fuel price fluctuations
  • Road safety

In addition to these four points, there are a number of other challenges facing the industry. If you are interested in understanding what is going on, what challenges the sector is facing and how to respond to them, be sure to read our latest post on “Challenges for the transport sector in the digital age“.

Selecting the right transport company

In short, as we have seen throughout the article, road transport, especially by truck, is the favourite of Spaniards for all the reasons mentioned above.

When a company, a customer or a supplier needs to ship goods, the first thing they do is search for the best form of shipping and transport. The selection of a transport and logistics company that is punctual, economical and reliable is not always an easy task.

At Conde Fernández Hermanos, after more than 50 years of experience in the sector, our human resources, a renewed fleet and our certified management processes allow us to offer maximum confidence and professionalism in the development of our work in logistics and transport, providing added value to our customers in an increasingly competitive, global and dynamic market.

Don’t hesitate, contact us so that we can find the most suitable solution for your needs!