22 de November de 2022 / by CFH

The 7 keys to success for land transport by road

Road freight transport is a well-established sector, directly employing more than 10 million people and representing 5% of the GDP of the entire European Union. It is the mode chosen by the vast majority of companies to move goods in Europe, far ahead of...

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31 de October de 2022 / by CFH

Challenges for the transport sector in the digital age

Online businesses have been gradually establishing themselves and growing over the years in our country, and have become a reality for the vast majority of users. This has meant a new working model for some dependent and collaborating industries, such as...

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6 de October de 2022 / by CFH

Integrated logistics as a competitive advantage

Integral or integrated logistics is an indispensable strategy to achieve a flexible supply chain. And how does it achieve this? By taking the general concept of logistics a step further by adding activities aimed at planning, implementing and organising...

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