2 de May de 2023 / by CFH

Traceability: the key to freight transport

In today’s world, where logistics and transport of goods are essential to the global economy, traceability has become a key tool to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of the supply chain. With an efficient system that guarantees traceability,...

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10 de April de 2023 / by CFH

10 Logistics trends for 2023

Logistics trends for 2023 point to an increasingly robotized and digitized warehouse. Technological advances make it possible to provide greater agility, safety and reliability to logistics operations. In such a changing environment as we are living today,...

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1 de March de 2023 / by CFH

Risk prevention in freight transport

Freight transport is the type of transport responsible for moving goods and merchandise from a place of origin to a place of destination, so that they reach their destination in good condition and within a specific pre-established time. Freight transport...

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