Logistics warehouse and integrated distribution

The logistics division of Conde Fernández Hnos. was launched in 2010, with the clear intention of providing storage and logistics solutions to our customers.

This covers all the logistics needs that your company requires when deciding to outsource storage services and even full load distribution.

Logística y Almacenes Coruña - Conde Fernández Hermanos

What we offer as a regulatory warehouse

Integral logistics management as a regulatory warehouse thanks to the large storage area of our facilities located in different strategic locations in the northwest of Spain with a capacity of almost 50,000 m².

This allows us to store and handle goods when the company cannot receive them due to lack of space.

Servicio de logística integral

We are open to new forms of collaboration and to building with our customers a comprehensive logistics management system tailored to their needs, in order to become your partner in logistics, warehousing and distribution.

We have a high storage capacity with the appropriate means for loading/unloading both on docks and directly in the warehouse, providing a quality response.

The know-how acquired during these 12 years has enabled us to offer the following services:

Logística Coruña - Conde Fernández Hermanos
Constant Agility
  • Receipt of goods
  • Unloading of incoming goods and physical and documentary checks
  • Warehousing and storage with guarantee
  • Picking (Preparation of single / multi-reference orders)
  • Packing (Transformation of packages, packing list and accompanying documentation)
  • Inventory management and control
  • Stock and batch management
  • Pallet management
  • Dedicated warehouse management
  • Cross Docking (order without intermediate storage)
  • Loading of goods in own or third-party fleet
  • Distribution
  • Real-time consultation of stocks or specific references.
  • Tracking of traceability
  • Just in time
  • Inverse logistics (or return logistics)
  • Integral field management
  • Any other logistics activity required by our customers
Logística y Almacenes Coruña - Conde Fernández Hermanos

Conde Fernandez Hermanos takes care of all logistics needs, efficiently handling the flow of materials and information.

We manage the value chain from raw materials to product destruction and waste treatment. This means getting the goods to the right place, at the right time and to the agreed quality.

We integrate goods transport, warehousing and distribution services, with a consequent reduction in logistics costs, improved service and total control over the entire distribution chain.

Trust us, we can offer you logistics solutions customised to the needs of your business and goods.


Contact us if you have any questions about our service


Contact us if you have any questions about our service