Road Freight Transport

We develop our activity in the road freight transport sector, covering national and international routes and providing our clients, from multiple productive sectors, with storage and distribution solutions as logistics operators.

From agile solutions to dedicated capacity, we have what you need to transport raw materials, parts and finished products more efficiently. Choose the service according to the type of general cargo or destination and, if you are not sure, our experts will provide you with a customised strategy that meets your needs in terms of capacity, routes and cost control.

Maximum professionalism after 50 years of experience as carriers.

Transporte - Logística - Conde Fernández Hermanos
Transporte de Mercancías - Conde Fernández Hermanos

General cargo

We ship goods using our own modern fleet of trucks and our regular partners, providing full and part-load transport services.

Transporte de Mercancías - Conde Fernández Hermanos


We transport your cargo efficiently locally, nationally and internationally. We have an experienced team, and a fleet equipped with everything necessary to offer an excellent service.

Constant Agility

At any time, by any route

Our trucks are on the road every day and offer high capacity and flexibility to suit individual customer objectives. We transport both partial and full loads to and from anywhere in Europe.

The transport of road goods requires a fleet of vehicles ready to perform any service. In our case, having our own fleet is a competitive advantage when it comes to having vehicles available to meet the needs of our customers, thus guaranteeing the best for the goods being transported.

Our advantages

  • Service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Guarantee, flexibility and punctuality.
  • We adapt to the needs of your business.
  • Full loads or groupage.
  • Direct import / export services to other countries.
  • Own fleet and/or qualified collaborators.
  • Trained and qualified staff with years of experience.
  • Documentary management.
  • Constant traceability of the vehicles during the route.
  • Real time location accessible to you.
  • CMR insurance.
  • Possibility of additional coverage.

Contact us if you have any questions about our service


Contact us if you have any questions about our service