Full truckload transport (FTL)

Is your company looking for a full truckload service because the cargo you want to transport is large enough to fill a full truckload (FTL)?

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    What is FTL in logistics? FTL (Full Truck Load) is one of the main types of road freight forwarding services. FTL is the perfect solution for transporting many pallets at once directly to the destination and making the most of a truck’s capacity.

    From its origins, Conde Fernández Hermanos based its growth on peninsular full truck loads from its headquarters in A Coruña, a sector in which it developed an important network, both of clients and collaborators.

    Nowadays we can boast of being one of the leaders in full truck loads in A Coruña and Galicia, although nowadays we not only offer a service of peninsular import and export, but we also carry out transport between third parties, reaching non-EU countries.

    «We transport your full truck loads (FTL) regionally, nationally and cross-border.»


    Advantages of full truck load transport - Why choose FTL transport?

    Faster transit time

    Transport is faster with FTL because there are fewer stops and transfers along the way.

    Reduced handling

    Once FTL shipments are loaded, they remain on the same trailer without stops.

    Increased security

    FTL ensures a higher level of cargo security, as shipments are rarely unsealed or moved.

    Greater flexibility

    Routes can be easily adapted to improve efficiency as there is only one load.

    National and international shipments

    We have a specialised department for national and international FTL shipments.

    Cost-effective freight typology

    Especially for importers who ship in bulk, with no weight or size restrictions.


    Conde Fernández Hermanos, full truck load (FTL) transport service in A Coruña

    Our experience of more than 50 years in the road transport sector makes Conde Fernández Hermanos the ideal partner for full truck load (FTL) transports in A Coruña.

    Contact us to find out about your needs and to offer you the best solution for full truck load transport by road.

    Faster and direct full-load transport, without stops.

    Access to a wide network of experienced FTL carriers and professionals.

    Services available on request: Additional insurance, storage and logistics.


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