Transport of goods

General cargo

Thanks to our own fleet of trucks, we can ship goods by general cargo transport nationally and internationally, offering both full and break-bulk services. Our experts will provide you with a customised strategy to suit your capacity, routing and cost control needs.

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Full Truck Load (FTL)

“We offer the perfect combination of in-house and outsourced capacity for full truck load (FTL) service.”

Our experience of more than 50 years in the road transport sector makes Conde Fernández Hermanos the ideal partner for full truck load (FTL) transport.

Since its origins, Conde Fernández Hermanos has based its growth on peninsular full truck loads, a sector in which it has developed an important network of clients and collaborators.

By FTL (full truck load transport) we understand a transport that requires a single truck load for the transport of goods, which is sent to a single consignee.

This type of transport has a great advantage in that it reduces to a minimum the movements of the goods, which are generally loaded at the sender’s premises and unloaded directly at the consignee’s premises, thus providing an extremely fast and safe service.

At present we can boast of being one of the leaders in full load transport in Galicia, although currently we not only offer a peninsular import and export service, but also transport between third parties, reaching non-EU countries.

Groupage and Less Than truck Load (LTL)

“We transport your partial loads (LTL) and palletised loads regionally, nationally and cross-border.”

Today, Conde Fernández Hermanos also offers services as a highly reliable provider of less-than-truckload (LTL) transport, a concept also known as LTL (Less Than Truckload).

These consolidated loads refer to the transport of a relatively small load that does not require the full space of a truck. LTL is commonly used when you have several pallets of cargo, but not enough to fill a vehicle.

Thanks to the way it works, and with the combination of different LTLs, we make better use of the available space. By dividing the cost between those who use this service, Conde Fernández Hermanos can offer more economical prices compared to traditional transport.

We take care of managing all the phases of the transport, from its departure to its arrival at the final destination.

We meet all specific requirements through customised, tailor-made part-load solutions, guaranteeing an extremely flexible, punctual, safe and economical service at local, regional and European level.

Transporte - Conde Fernández Hermanos
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Last mile

“We solve the last mile of your supply chain. Full service at the customer’s disposal.”

Currently, Conde Fernández Hermanos has been dedicated to the logistics sector for years. This experience has allowed us to offer, in exceptional cases, a full capillary distribution service, or last mile, with national coverage. 

We take the package from the warehouse to the recipient’s address.

We provide dedicated transport solutions, which include the design, preparation and implementation of routes, seeking the optimum balance between speed, quality and price.

Other transport solutions

If your supply chain requires a solution that does not fall within the types of transport offered above, we can offer you a tailored multimodal service.

Our experts will take the time to understand your requirements and identify the type of transport that suits you best. 

At Conde Fernández Hermanos we are ready to find the right solution for every requirement and need.

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