International freight transport

Are you looking for a transport company that carries out international shipments? Our extensive international coverage in the European Community and other non-EU countries, supported by our own logistics structure in A Coruña, guarantees fast and secure management of your shipments, allowing you to optimise transit times and track your shipments in real time.

Contact us and receive a personalised quote for your international road shipment in the shortest possible time.

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    Send and receive your goods in the European Community and other non-EU countries with the peace of mind of knowing that you are contracting a punctual and safe service.

    With the aim of covering a wider range of services to our customers, in Conde Fernández Hermanos we have spent years betting on a growth in international road transport from A Coruña, importing and exporting in the European Community and other non-EU countries.

    Whether it is an urgent or conventional service, and even dangerous goods, Conde Fernández Hermanos carries out groupage and full load shipments to these destinations.

    For these international routes we have a highly qualified and experienced team, all the international permits required by law, as well as a fleet equipped with everything necessary to offer a guaranteed service.

    «Land transport and distribution of goods in the European Community and other non-EU countries.»


    Wide range of international road haulage services to suit your needs

    International break-bulk transport service

    Send goods by groupage and pay only for the space you need.

    Full truckload international transport service

    It uses the entire cargo space exclusively from origin to destination.

    International transport service by pallet

    We transport goods on pallets quickly, safely and efficiently.

    International special cargo transport service

    Oversized goods, dangerous goods or ADR transport, among others.

    Full logistics service

    We manage each of the actions and movements of your products from the suppliers to the customer.

    Warehousing service

    As a regulatory warehouse we store and distribute your goods within the national territory.


    Conde Fernández Hermanos, international transport service in A Coruña

    At Conde Fernández Hermanos we work every day to offer you the punctuality and service you have always wanted in your international shipments, helping you to choose the most appropriate means of transport for your goods and to meet the agreed dates.

    Our international freight forwarding service has more than 50 years of experience. Thanks to this, we guarantee
    our customers that their goods will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

    Contact us to find out about your needs and to offer you the best international road transport solution.

    Personalised quotations for international freight transport.

    Extensive network of carriers and professionals with experience in international shipments.

    On request: Additional insurance, storage and logistics among other services.


    Contact us if you have any questions about our international transport service


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