Less-than-truckload (LTL)

Is your company looking for an LTL transport service because the cargo you want to transport is not big enough to transport a full truck load (FTL)?

Contact us and receive a personalised quote for your consolidated freight shipment in the shortest possible time and start saving with Conde Fernández Hermanos.

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    What is LTL in logistics? In road transport, Less than a Truck Load (LTL) is a cost-effective solution for transporting partial loads by road.

    Thanks to the way it works, and by combining different LTLs, we make better use of the available space. By dividing the cost between those who use this service, Conde Fernández Hermanos, from its headquarters in A Coruña, can offer more economical prices compared to traditional transport.

    We take care of managing all the stages of the transport, from its departure to its arrival at the final destination.

    We meet all specific requirements by means of customised, tailor-made part-load solutions, guaranteeing an extremely flexible, punctual, safe and economical service.

    «We transport your part loads (LTL) on a regional, national and cross-border basis.»


    Advantages of groupage transport - Why choose LTL transport?

    Savings in transport costs

    By sharing the same space with other customers, the cost is divided among those using the service.

    Most recurrent shipments

    Groupage or grouped freight transport makes it possible to ship by road on a daily basis.

    Greater flexibility

    By being able to expedite order deliveries without waiting for a truck to fill up, we meet changing demands.

    National and international shipments

    We have a specialised department for LTL shipments by national and international road.

    Saving warehouse space

    By being able to ship more products, you don't need to store many products at the same time.

    Reduced environmental impact

    By sharing space with other shipments you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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    Conde Fernández Hermanos, part load transport (LTL) service in A Coruña

    More than 50 years of experience in road freight transport make our group the ideal partner for groupage and less-than-truckload (LTL) transports.

    Contact us to find out about your needs and to offer you the best solution for groupage road freight transport.

    Personalised quotations for the transport of LTL goods.

    Access to a wide network of experienced LTL carriers and professionals.

    On request: Additional insurance, storage and logistics among others.


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